Five Cheap Goat Fences

  • By: Ray Johnson
  • Date: June 20, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Goats are undoubtedly certified, escape artists. A goat fence needs to be strong and properly installed. Once a goat finds a hole, it will persistently work it until it gets out. Wondering about goats will annoy your neighbors and can also cause untold damage. However, that does not mean that your goat fence needs to be expensive. You can use various cheap goat fences in your yard to keep goats in pens.

Wire mesh, barbed wire, wooden fence, pallet fence, and split rail fence are cheap goat fences that you can install and effectively keep your goats in the yard.

In this article, five cheap goat fence options are discussed. But, as you will find out, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on building a secure goat pen in your yard.

Wire mesh goat fence

A chain-link fence comprises a woven fence that includes galvanized coated steel wire. The galvanized steel helps to ensure that the chain link is strong enough to provide the required barrier.

The structure of chain link fences and their flexibility make them a good alternative for goat fencing since the chain link can be stretched across a mountainous terrain compared to other types of fences.

While compared to other types of fences, chain link fences are pocket-friendly. The fence comes in a wide variety based on the height, color coating, metal gauge, and mesh sizes. A 4 ft chain link fencing will be enough to secure your goats.

From a review of the prices of different stores selling chain link fences, you will spend about $5 per foot to buy a chain link and at least $5 per foot to install the chain link. Therefore, a $10 per linear foot budget for the purchase and installation of your goat chain link fence is a bargain compared to other fencing options available.

Once you have purchased a chain link, the fence requires the proper installation to save on post-installation maintenance. PVC coating and the fence’s inherent galvanization help ensure that too much dirt does not accumulate, reducing the chances of rusting.

However, it is essential to note that the creativity of the chain link fence is limited. Thus, if you want a unique design for your goat fence, a chain-link wall might not be the best alternative.

Barbed Wire Goat Fence

Barbed wire might not be the best fence option for your goats. Once the goat gets the head between the wires, the goat will keep working on the wire until she can get out. Don’t forget that in trying to get out, the goat could get her ears cut.

However, if you make sure that the lower strand of your barbed-wired is within 6 inches from the ground, goats will find it hard to get out. In addition, you can also install one or two strands of electric fence low to the ground so that when the goats try to get out of the fence, they are zapped and contained in pen.

To install a barbed wire fence, you can pay between $1.5 – $3 per linear foot, including installations. Installing strands of electric fence will cost you about $1 per linear foot.

Wooden Goat Fence

There are several types of wood fences that can be used to build a goat fence in your yard. Among others, some and these fences include; wood slat fences, rustic wood fences, solid log fences, red slat fences, and natural wood slat fences.

Wooden fences are affordable, offer privacy if required, and are easy to install.

Wooden fences are cost-effective and can even be painted with any color as preferred.

Wood is friendly to the environment, and it is biodegradable and thus serves as an advantage to most farmers who prefer working for the overall benefit of the environment.

You can use old or recycled wood to build a wooden goat fence in your compound. You will only need to pay for accessories such as nails and labor in such a case.

Pallet Goat Fence

You can quickly build a goat fence using pallets. To make the fence, you arrange the pallets and then use bolts or large nails to join them together. However, pallets are limited in size, and this means that if you want to make a tall goat fence, you may have to stack them.

The main advantage of a pallet fence is that it will be very cheap to build one. As long as you have a vehicle to transport them, many companies will give them free or sell them at a throwaway price.

Split Rail Goat Fence

A split rail fence is usually made up of wooden posts which are spaced a reasonable distance from each other to create an open environment and still provide limits to the goats. Some of the advantages of split rail goat fences are that the fence is cheap and can be built within a very short time.

It could cost you between $10 – $15 per linear foot to buy and install a split rail goat fence in your yard. 

Final Thoughts

If you consider having goats in your yard and intend to spend small amounts of money on the fence, any of the five types of fences discussed in this article can make a good fence.