Importance Of Squirrels

  • By: Ray Johnson
  • Date: June 20, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Once you have spotted a squirrel in your house or yard, your next course of action is to find out how you can get rid of the squirrel. But did you know that squirrels are good for different reasons? This article discusses some of the benefits of a squirrel.

Squirrels are a nuisance. If they get inside the house, they will make squeaking, barking, or grunting noises that might make you uncomfortable.

In the yard, the squirrels will eat whatever is in the bird feeder, eat newly planted seeds, eat the fence, and bring infestation that can devastate your pets and maybe even your family.

But despite the risks that squirrels could pose to your household and backyard, the squirrels can also be good for you. Have you ever wondered why some people like to have squirrels in their backyard?

Here’s a closer look at how squirrels can be good to you.

Offer Entertainment

Squirrels can be entertaining to watch in the yard. Specifically, if you have birds and squirrels in the yard, watching how the two communicate about food availability or a looming predator is always interesting.

I always find it entertaining when squirrels try to go through the barriers so that they can access the bird feeders. Their determination, despite the challenges they face as they attempt to feed on birds’ feed, is just on another level.

On one occasion during the winter, when it was snowing and windy, I enjoyed watching squirrels try to scale the slippery stovepipe before climbing the shepherd’s hook five feet away. 

As long as a squirrel does not see you or is not afraid of you, you will find a lot of satisfaction watching the squirrel go about its business in the yard.

If that’s not enough, squirrels will always send out a warning to you as they flip their tails. Such developments in the backyard can brighten your mood even when you are down.

I always find it entertaining when a squirrel rubs its face on an acorn as it puts its scent on the seed before it buries it and hopes it will later find it and eat it.

Help To Plant/Disperse Seeds

Squirrel eating seeds where some of them will fall down and in the long run germinate
Squirrel eating – Some of the seeds will fall down and might eventually germinate

Squirrels know that seeds give them the much-needed energy to get through the day. The seeds have vitamins and other minerals concealed in their shells so that they can germinate once they have been sown.

Squirrels are therefore always on the lookout for seeds, and once they have found and eaten enough seeds for the day, they bury the rest in the ground.

The squirrels bury the seeds throughout the yard and in the woods. Later, when they go back to look for the seeds, the squirrels forget where they had buried some of them.

With time, the seeds that the squirrels had buried and forgotten germinate and grow to become trees or the plants that they were. Thus, squirrels play a crucial role in sowing seeds in forests and your yard.

In the USA, squirrels have been reported to have been critical to preserving the native longleaf pine ecosystem by dispersing the seeds.

Interestingly, some of the trees and plants in your backyard that you can’t remember sowing were unintentionally sowed by squirrels as they buried the seeds in the ground.

Food For The Predators

I know this might be controversial, but it’s what it is. Squirrels are a vital food source for various predators.

Snakes, hawks, owls, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, eagles, bobcats, parasites, cats, and dogs feed on squirrels.

Sometime back in my backyard, I watched a hawk preying on a squirrel and eventually catching it and eating it. Even though killing the squirrel is not a good thing, that’s nature taking its course.

Without the squirrels, many animals feeding on the rodent would not survive. That’s how nature is meant to be, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Food For Human Beings

Yes, you read that right. People have eaten squirrels for many years. Once caught, squirrels can be boiled, fried, or roasted. I have never eaten squirrel meat and do not intend to eat it in the future.

Those who have eaten squirrel meat claim that the meat tastes similar to rabbit and chicken. In addition, they also add that the meat is tasty, light in color, and finely textured.

Before killing a squirrel for meat, you should confirm whether it is legal to kill and cook meat in your region. Some states permit hunting squirrels, while other states, such as California, require you to have a permit before going out to hunt squirrels.

Good Hunting Targets

I know this might be controversial. But it is what it is. Squirrels are hunted for meat and also for leisure.

If you love hunting, there is a high chance that you have hunted a squirrel in the past. However, note that the right to hunt squirrels varies from state to state.

Some species of squirrels, such as red squirrels, are not protected and can be hunted without a license in some states. However, in other states, you need a permit for you to be able to hunt down a squirrel.

Even if you are hunting a squirrel in your backyard, some states require that you obtain a permit. Therefore, before you go out and hunt a squirrel, make sure that you have met any requirements that need to be met.


As can be seen from the article, squirrels are good for different reasons. I don’t hunt squirrels and don’t eat their meat. However, I have no problem with those that eat squirrels.

I love squirrels in the backyard but don’t love them inside my house. Let us know whether you have ever eaten squirrel meat or hunted them down.


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