What Noises Scare Squirrels Away

  • By: Ray Johnson
  • Date: June 20, 2022
  • Time to read: 7 min.

If you have squirrels in your house or backyard, you must have thought about what you need to do to get rid of the squirrels. This article discusses the different noises that can scare squirrels away.

Squirrel can make noise when it feels threatened

You just noticed that there is a squirrel in your house or backyard. It might even be on your walls or the attic. You know that you have no choice but to get rid of it. All of a sudden, you then remember you heard someone claim that sound can scare squirrels away.

But can sound scare squirrels? Yes, sounds can scare squirrels away. But not all sounds will scare the squirrels. To effectively use sound to scare squirrels away, the sound must irritate the squirrel.

Once the squirrel hears the sound, the sound will irritate it and force it to move to an area where there is no irritating sound. In addition to the irritating sound, you can also use a sound that will instill fear in the squirrel and scare it.

For instance, the sound of an owl that preys on a squirrel will scare the squirrel as it knows that it might be killed if it does not hide or move away from the sound.

Sounds can be an effective way to scare squirrels. However, from experience, I have realized that sounds are ineffective in stopping squirrel infestation.  Yes, the sound will force the squirrels to go away, but once the sound stops, the squirrels will return.

Let’s look at different sounds you can use to scare squirrels away.


Ultrasound is an oscillating sound pressure wave with a higher frequency, so the human hearing cannot hear or detect it. This sound has similar properties to other sounds but is considered different since humans cannot hear it.

While humans cannot hear ultrasound, squirrels hear the sound and get irritated by it. As a rodent, squirrels have a hearing frequency of about 250 HZ to 80 kHz, with the biggest sensitivity occurring between 8 and 38 kHz.

The squirrel’s hearing range is relatively higher than humans since humans will only hear frequencies between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Ultrasound can thus be used to scare squirrels and, simultaneously, not disturb humans since they cannot hear it.

To effectively scare squirrels away with ultrasound, you must use an ultrasonic Repeller. The trick is to ensure that the ultrasound is intermittent since if it is constant, the squirrels might get used to the sound and thus not be scared by it.

All you need to do is place the device producing ultrasonic sound in your house or yard. As pointed out, ensure you program the device to intermittently produce the sound so that the squirrels find your house or backyard irritating to stay in.

If possible, you should consider buying a solar-powered ultrasonic pest Repeller since this will help save on electric costs. Before using the device, you should read the instructions provided by the device manufacturer.

Motion-activated Sprinkler

If you have a lawn or do not want to harm the squirrel in your yard, one of the best methods to scare them away is to use a motion-activated sprinkler. When using the sprinkler, you will be ‘killing two birds with one stone’ as you will be watering your lawn and also scaring the squirrels away.

As the sprinkler’s name suggests, it functions by sensing motion or heat being close to the sprinkler’s sensor. Once the sensor has sensed the squirrels, it will scare them with a sound and burst of water.

The fact that the squirrels will only trigger the sprinkle once they come close to the sensor implies that unless the motion-activated sprinkler is not functioning, you will always effectively scare squirrels away from your yard.

The sprinkler is quite advanced as it can differentiate between the motion caused by squirrels and the motion caused by the wind.  When buying the sprinkler, you should buy a motion-activated sprinkler with the feature of making an unpleasant sound to scare away the squirrels.

Shout At The Squirrel

I know this sounds odd. But it actually works. Once you see a squirrel in your yard and the squirrel notices that you have already seen it, it will probably run away.

However, once the squirrel notices you have gone inside the house, it will return to the yard. You can shout at the squirrel; if it is unfamiliar with you or your sound, it will be scared and run away.

Squirrels do not like to be frightened by loud sounds and can therefore be scared away by shouting at them. The drawback to this approach is that you cannot shout at the squirrels the whole day.

You should only shout at the squirrel as a temporary measure as you look for another better method to scare the squirrels away. For example, you can shout at the squirrel and scare it as you go inside the house to get the ultrasonic Repellant and position it in the yard.

Loud Music

Squirrels are afraid of sounds they are not used to, and as such, they are likely to consider loud music a threat.

Loud music that squirrels are unaware of will make them uncomfortable and scare them. Specifically, the music will distract the squirrels from settling and make them go away since they cannot stay in an area where they are uncomfortable.

You should only use loud music for a short time since as the music continues to play, the squirrels will get used to the sound and cannot be scared by the sound. Alternatively, you can randomly play loud music.

Noise From Yard Tools

The noise produced by different tools used in the yard, such as lawnmowers and a chain saw, will scare the squirrels away.  This is because when the squirrels are exposed to such sounds, they perceive the sound as a threat and run away for their safety. 

The noise from various yard machines can be loud enough to disrupt the squirrels’ activities, making them run away. The downside of this sound is that it can only work when you are using the tools.

You are not justified in turning on any of the yard machinery for the sole purpose of scaring squirrels away.

Mouse Trap Snap

Mouse traps are effective in scaring the squirrels away without causing harm. Even if mouse traps are classified as violent pest control products, you can use the sound they produce when they snap to scare squirrels from your house or yard.

When they snap, mouse traps produce a crack sound that is loud enough to scare the squirrels away.  To ensure that the traps do not harm the squirrels, you should anchor them into the ground.

Since squirrels like to dig, once you have anchored the trap on the ground, you should cover it with a newspaper and some little dirt. When the squirrels come to the yard and start digging up, they will first touch the newspaper and set off the trap.

As the trap snaps, the squirrels will jump immediately after they hear the sound of the trap snapping. Squirrels are afraid of loud and unexpected sounds, and this method will scare them away for some time. 

The squirrels will also avoid the yard due to the surprise element. Using the mouse traps is an effective way of scaring away the squirrels before they infest your yard.

Barking Of Dogs

Dogs prey on squirrels, and if they get a chance, they hunt and eat them. You should not be surprised to find your well-fed dog feeding on squirrels.

Squirrels know that dogs will immediately kill them and eat them if given a chance. When they hear a dog barking close to them, they will immediately take cover and take a while to return to that spot.

You can allow a dog to roam in the yard on random schedules if you have a dog. This will make the squirrels know that the dog is constantly in your yard. To save themselves, the squirrels will stay away from the year.

Sound Of An Owl

Just like dogs, owls prey on squirrels. When a squirrel hears an owl hooting, whistling, or crying, it immediately runs away for safety.

But how do you make an owl scare away a squirrel? Well, among others, you can install an owl nesting box in your yard. Once the owl finds the box and starts to lay eggs on the nest, the owl will spend time on the box.

When in the box, the owl will make sounds that scare the squirrels. Moreover, once the squirrels know that there are owls in your yard, they will stay away from the yard as they do not want to be killed by the owl.


While people use fireworks to mark different occasions in their lives, the noise of fireworks can be frightening to animals such as squirrels.

When you light fireworks, the loud noise and flashing lights scare the squirrels away from the yard.


You can use many methods to eliminate squirrels in your house or yard. One of the best methods that will not harm the squirrels entails using different sounds. In this article, the different sounds that can be used to scare squirrels away have been discussed.

Let us know the sound you have used and whether it was effective.